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Why Invest in the Cannabis Industry

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Global Legalization

More than 22 countries covering a population of nearly 1 billion have laws that cover the legal use of medical cannabis.1 With growing legalization, the global cannabis market is anticipated to grow over $30 billion by 2022.2
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Medical Use

Cannabis and its cannabinoids have been found helpful in treating chronic pain, glaucoma, epileptic seizures and anxiety.
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Recreational Use

Cannabis has the potential to be used in an array of consumer products, such as beverages, energy drinks, coffee, alcohol, and other edible products.
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Hemp Use

The fibers and stalks of the plant are used in clothing, construction, body oil and lotions, plastic, and construction materials.
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Robust M&A Activity

Significant consolidation and collaboration signal growth potential. In 2018, there were over 300 M&A transactions in the global cannabis industry.
1 The Future of Legal Cannabis: Key Developments in the Emerging Global Industry. Frontier Financial Group, Inc., February 15, 2018.
2“Worldwide Legal Cannabis Spending Hits $12.2 Billion in 2018, projected to Grow 38% to $16.9 Billion in 2019,” BDS Analytics, January 15, 2019.

Statements, estimates and forecasts are subject to significant legal, business, economic, and competitive uncertainties. There can be no assurance that such estimates and/or forecasts will be realized, and these are not indicative of future investment performance. Historical data is not indicative of future performance.

Industries Expected To Be Disrupted By The Growing Cannabis Industry

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An Attractive Way To Capitalize In the Growing Cannabis Industry

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  • We believe active management is critical in emerging sectors with high volatility and a rapidly evolving backdrop.
  • Active management, in our opinion, can help the investor take advantage of high-quality cannabis related opportunities as they unfold.
  • We can attempt to enhance returns and reduce volatility over time by constructing a diversified, well-researched portfolio.

Invest With Us

The Cannabis Growth Strategy is available via the following vehicles:

Cannabis Growth Fund (CANNX / CANIX) | minimum $2,500

Separately Managed Account | minimum $25k

Why Foothill Capital Management?

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Experienced Team of Industry Professionals
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Focused On Specialized Growth Opportunities
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Proprietary Research & Analysis
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Foothill Capital Management (FCM) is a specialized asset manager focused on markets they view as innovative, fast-growing or emerging to provide investors with an aggressive growth component in their equity portfolios. FCM is comprised of a core executive team who have worked together for over 25 years. A seasoned group of investment professionals, they have been entrenched in the investment management business with experience in providing a full-range of services for mutual fund companies. FCM provides investment management services on a discretionary basis for registered investment companies, institutional investors, individual clients, and high net worth individuals.

Portfolio Management

Korey Bauer of Foothill Capital Management

Korey Bauer, CMT®

Chief Investment Officer
Managing Director and
Portfolio Manager
Over 9 years of experience

Sales and Marketing

Max Banhazl of Foothill Capital Management

Max Banhazl

Managing Director
Over 9 years of experience

Executive Management

Eric M. Banhazl of Foothill Capital Management

Eric M. Banhazl

Over 34 years of experience
Joy Ausili of Foothill Capital Management

Joy Ausili

Over 29 years of experience
Rita Dam of Foothill Capital Management

Rita Dam

Over 29 years of experience
Teri Guindon of Foothill Capital Management

Teri Guindon

Chief Financial Officer
Over 29 years of experience
Amy Centurioni of Foothill Capital Management

Amy Centurioni

Compliance Manager
Over 5 years of experience

Michael Quain

Chief Compliance Officer
Quain Compliance Consulting, LLC.

Get To Know Us

If you would like to learn more about our investment philosopy, process and people, please reach out. We’d be happy to begin a dialogue and build a relationship.